A Friendly Home

Fairview Kennels is a small, friendly and totally dog orientated establishment, which I have run for over almost 30 years. As well as gaining much experience and knowledge over this time, I attained a HND in Animal Management at College and also achieved  a Distinction in the Kennel and Cattery qualification. I am a member of the Pet Industry Federation which is the main organisation of the pet trade. The dogs who board at the kennels are, in the most part, dogs who come on a regular basis, whether this is several times a year for long or short stays, or once a year when their owners are on an annual holiday.

Your Dog is a Individual

We find dogs who come in regularly tend to have a particular kennel they prefer to stay in and we try our utmost to accommodate this as it helps them to settle. Each dog is treated as an individual and we try to meet any likes or dislikes they may have, such as the type of food they prefer and the amount of exercise they need, as much as possible. We also try to avoid putting dogs who dislike a particular breed next to each other to help avoid stress. We accept both puppies and older dogs, who both present different challenges.

Flexible to Your Needs

 We are also happy to take dogs who are on medication, whether in tablet form or by injection and whilst staying in our kennels they are insured for vetinary care if they are taken ill which, in my experience, is very rare. We try to be as flexible as we can as to when owners can deliver and collect their pets as we appreciate making a ‘set time’ can be difficult to fit in with people’s daily routines. However, we do hope our customers realise that we do need to have a break at times, and once the dogs are settled in the kennels at night, we do not open them again until morning as it tends to disturb the other dogs and results in an hour or two of constant barking.

A Safe Environment

The kennels are concrete block built and each one has its own personal run attached so that throughout the day the dogs can choose to be inside or out. They also have the opportunity to go into a secure grass paddock for a free run and we also take them out for a walk twice a day, which is what most dogs are used to at home. The inside of the kennels have a raised bed and carpet so that the dogs can be comfortable off the floor and avoid draughts. Each kennel also has a heat lamp which can be adjusted to individual requirements. We request that customer bring a blanket or similar cover, or a small soft bed, which can be put on top of the raised kennel bed as we find this also helps the dogs to settle as they can still sense the smell of home. The radio is also left on all day as we find this can also be a comfort.

We have single kennels and double kennels so are able to keep dogs who like to be together in the same kennel or, if there are several, they would be next to each other or opposite, so that they can still see each other.

two dogs playing in a field

A Clean and Healthy Kennel

We insist all dogs who stay at our kennels have an up-to-date vaccination certificate but we do not insist on a kennel cough vaccination. This is because the virus has many strains and the vaccination can only protect against one strain and so may not be effective. I can say though that we have only had kennel cough four times in 30 years and have been able to eradicate it within a short time by barrier nursing and lots of care.