Nail Clipping Services in Selby

Whether for competition or just for comfort, clipping your dog’s nails should be a priority. Unless your dog lives an incredibly active life, and their nails are naturally worn down to the point that they don’t constantly reach the floor, nail clipping is going to be an essential step in their regular grooming. This is because nails that do reach down to the ground push back into your dog’s nail bed (ouch!), can tear and split – also very painful, and can also cause problems with your dog’s balance. And, if your dog takes part in shows then they’ll also find it easier to compete in agility tasks. Win-win!

So, as you can see, getting your dog’s nails clipped is far from being a purely aesthetic decision. Unfortunately, it can also be a rather challenging task: dogs become stressed easily, which in turn stresses you out, and leads to more danger of cutting into the quick and causing bleeding. Nobody wants to see a healthy activity like nail clipping turn into a source of further pain. This is less of a problem if your dog has clear nails – as you’ll be able to see the sensitive area more easily – however with a pet that has darker nails it can be very difficult to avoid.

This makes professional dog nail clipping services important for ensuring that your pet is comfortable, that the nail clipping process is entirely safe, and that the stress caused is minimal. Professional dog groomers can also show you how to maintain your dog’s nails at home if necessary – and we’re happy to discuss our practices with the dog owners who visit Fairview Kennels to ensure that your dog is getting the same great experience whether they’re at home, or at the kennels with us.

Regular Maintenance

So how often do your dog’s nails actually need trimming? It’s recommended that you make this a reasonably frequent part of their upkeep, with every two weeks or so being a guideline – although, of course, you’ll want to go by your dog’s own growth rate!

It will depend on how active your pet is – and therefore how worn down their nails are – as well as the type of nails that they have and various other lifestyle factors (for instance, if you compete in shows you may want to take your dog for professional nail clipping more often). Not sure what will be best for your pet? Feel free to chat to us when you come in, and we can discuss your pup’s needs.

Seek Out Professionals

If you want to take your dog to have their nails trimmed by a groomer, then it’s important to make sure that you choose somebody with the right qualifications and experience. Otherwise, you can’t be sure that they will be able to ensure that nail clipping does not stress your dog out or cause them discomfort.

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so for dog nail clipping in Selby, you can’t go far wrong with what the Fairview team has to offer. We also have highly qualified staff ready to really pamper your pooch while trimming down their nails and providing any other grooming services that they may require.

Stress Free Nail Clipping

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to minimise the anxiety that maintenance such as nail clipping can cause – and the same applies for other grooming, such as bathing or checking your pet’s ears. Here are a few of our tips, which should give you an idea of the sort of service to expect:

  • Pay attention to your dog’s barks and body language: they’ll warn you if things are becoming uncomfortable!
  • Use positive reinforcement to reward calm behaviour.
  • Cut nails at an angle.

Ideally, this is something which you can train your dog to get used to as a puppy – although obviously for many owners this isn’t possible! So, if you’re still feeling uncertain, you’d like some professional guidance, or you simply want to treat your dog to a high-quality grooming session, we’ll be happy to oblige. Just get in touch with the Fairview Kennels team today to benefit from our excellent nail clipping services in Selby.