Kennel Services

The kennel services on offer here at Fairview Kennels are designed to pamper and protect your pup when you have to spend some time apart. When you’re headed out on holiday, or planning a business trip, your dog can be given a mini break of their own, under the care of a team who don’t just love dogs, but truly understand them.

Our focus is to make our kennels a home away from home for your pet, with friendly staff to help them adjust to the new environment and plenty of options to help you ensure that they’ll be comfortable. For instance, we can offer double kennels that allow two of your dogs to stay together and keep each other company and, where possible, we will try to put dogs that have stayed with us before in the kennel that they’re familiar with. These kennels are all heated as standard, and also have a run attached, allowing the pets in our care to stretch their legs and choose whether they’d rather be outside or in.

Dog In A Wooden Kennel

A Range of Additional Kennel Services


While dogs are staying with us here at Fairview Kennels, we definitely like to pamper them! This is made easy by our grooming parlour, where we can provide services such as clipping, hand stripping and bathing for your pet while they’re here. We also ensure that all of their day-to-day needs are met, including several walks every day and – just as importantly – interaction with other dogs, as well as space in which to exercise (and play!) outside of structured walks.

Whether it’s the added extras that we provide to help dogs look and feel their best, or the special care that we think every dog in our care should experience, there are dozens of reasons to choose Fairview Kennels when you’re looking for kennel services that are local to the Selby area.

Health and Safety First


When it comes to animal care, you can never be too health conscious: and just as you take every care to ensure that your dog is always happy and healthy, we do just the same when they join us for a stay. One side of this is simply ensuring that the animals in our care all have up to date vaccination certificates – an essential precaution that helps keep the other dogs healthy too.

However, it’s also about limiting the stress or separation anxiety that dogs may feel when brought into an unfamiliar environment without their owners. By chatting to you about your dog and their specific needs when they first come to join us, we’re able to take steps towards making the environment familiar and comfortable for them. We also highly recommend that you send a familiar blanket or similar comforter that will feel (and smell) of home.

Fairview Kennels has amassed over 30 years of experience, and in this time, we’ve really learned how to make pets in our care relax and feel good – as well as how to keep them healthy while they’re away from home. Combine this with the qualifications that have been scooped up by our manager and owner Janet Fleming and we’re sure that, no matter the breed or personality of your dog, you’ll feel comfortable leaving them at Fairview.


Flexibility that Suits You and Your Pet


We all have busy lives, and going on holiday or away for the night is probably one of the most hectic experiences out there. To help ease a little of the hassle, we aim to be as flexible as we can when it comes to fitting around your schedule, for instance regarding pick up or drop off times. We can also be flexible about the services that are offered to your dog: they can come for the day, have an overnight stay or even a longer trip. You can also add the additional services that you think will make their time here extra special, as discussed above!

So, if you’re based in or around Selby and you have a trip coming up soon please don’t hesitate to get in touch – and we look forward to meeting your four-legged friends.