Hand Stripping Services in Selby

Not all dogs can benefit from conventional clipping, and some breeds – such as terriers – that have a wiry top coat will benefit a lot more from hand stripping, a service which focusses on allowing the coat to grow properly by removing all of the dead hair from the top coat.

This is an important part of grooming your dog for a number of reasons; it not only helps with the dog’s overall appearance, but can also stop the discomfort which is caused by having unkempt, matted fur. It will also allow you to achieve the standard, or conventional look for your particular breed of dog – it is very difficult to achieve those same results by clipping a wiry coated dog.

What is Hand Stripping?

Hand stripping is more complex that other forms of maintaining your dog’s coat, and it is recommended that the first time you have your dog’s hair stripped, you go to a professional; somebody with experience will be able to show you how to achieve the look that you desire, and can help you understand your pet’s unique fur a little better. After that, you may want to experiment at home – although a professional service is always beneficial if you want to achieve a very particular style for your pet!

Unlike clipping, hand stripping pulls the dead hair out from the root, and this leaves space for new wiry hair to grow in its place. Although this may sound a little alarming, when done properly it should never be painful for your dog.

The Hand Stripping Process

  • As the name suggests, the basic premise behind hand stripping is using your bare hands to pull out small tufts of hair.
  • Sometimes it can also be beneficial to use a stripping knife or comb. These tools don’t actually cut the hair, but rather help the groomer to get a firm grip on the hair as they are working.
  • ‘Raking’ is also a beneficial part of the process – which means using the stripping knife or a hard pumice stone to ‘rake’ through the undercoat, helping to get rid of even more dead hair. This is something which owners should also try to do at home if their dog has a coat that needs hand stripping.

Our Service

We offer hand stripping services in Selby, and throughout the surrounding areas, using our many years of experience to bring your dog the best possible grooming experience. We can also combine our hand stripping service with other pampering sessions – such as bathing and nail clipping.

If your dog is coming to Fairview Boarding Kennels for an overnight stay, then you can also arrange for us to hand strip your dog and tidy them up a little while they’re with us. And, if your dog isn’t a wiry breed then why not take a look at our clipping services instead?

Could Your Dog Benefit from Our Hand Stripping Services in Selby?

Letting your dog become unkempt by leaving it a long time between grooming sessions can lead to all sorts of discomfort and even health problems; hair will obstruct their eyes and ears, become a breeding ground for fleas and gather a lot more dirt. A quick session with one of our experts could greatly improve their comfort, and help you achieve an excellent style for your pet.

We’re always happy to welcome new dogs into our kennels, so we’d love to hear from any pet owners who think that their pup could benefit from hand stripping, or any of the other services that we offer.

You can get in touch online or at 01977 683195, find out more about our services, talk to us about your pet and their need and arrange an overnight stay or one-off grooming session… so whatever you need, get in touch today!