Dog Walking in Selby

If there’s one thing that almost every dog has in common, it’s the need for a decent amount of exercise; if dogs aren’t getting their daily walks then they’re going to build up a lot of energy which may even turn into frustration or aggression. This is why dog walking is not only an important part of being a pet owner, but also of being a pet carer: if dogs are staying overnight, then you should expect the kennels that house them to have a dog walking service.

This is something that we’re only too happy to provide here at Fairview, since the chance to take your beautiful dog out into the open air is always welcome. Based in the truly stunning surroundings of Selby, North Yorkshire, there are plenty of wide, green spaces that your dogs can explore while they’re with us – and after our many years of experience looking after every kind of dog you can imagine, you don’t have to worry about their safety!

Stick to Routine

Some dogs can become a little anxious when they’re away from home for a few days, especially if it’s their first visit, and we find that keeping to a regular routine is a good way to ease those nerves, and help turn their energy into excitement. So, for example, we will take them out for two walks each day – matching what most dogs are used to in their own homes, and ensuring that they get plenty of time to explore the area!

Why Walks are Important

We think that it’s a real shame that not every kennel will take your dog out for a walk as part of the service. The fact is, dogs should ideally be out walking every day; it doesn’t just keep them physically healthy, but is also incredibly important for keeping them in a great frame of mind. Without plenty of walks, boredom sets in – so although your dog would survive a few days without proper walks, it certainly wouldn’t give them a good holiday!

Free Play

Of course, dogs should also be given space to roam around when they’re not out on a designated walk, and the design of our kennels makes this simple. Each has a run attached which allows a dog to choose to head outside when they want to, and this flexibility keeps your pet happy as they are able to take control of their own schedule and enjoy their time with us. We also have a secure grass paddock area which they can use for play.

Get in Touch Today for Dog Walking in Selby

To us, Fairview Kennels is the place where your dogs can enjoy their holiday while you’re off enjoying yours. That’s why we think the additional services that we offer – including pampering treats such as grooming and clipping as well as walks – are such an important part of what we do. The dogs certainly seem to agree!

If you’re busy during the day then we can offer dog walking services as a standalone option, as part of our doggy day care service. This allows you to ensure that your dog is getting the exercise that they need every single day, even if you’re busy with work and other commitments.

Of course, you can also benefit from our kennel services by booking your dogs in for an overnight stay, allowing your dog to take advantage of our dog walking services while they’re with us! Either way, your pet will benefit from a fun and energetic walk accompanied by experienced and dedicated members of the Fairview Kennel team.

Want to find out more? We’d love to chat to you about your dog and their needs, so why not give us a call at 01977 683195 or use our online enquiry form to get in touch? We always aim to be flexible around the needs of our clients, so if you let us know what you’re looking for we’ll see how we can make it work!