Professional Dog Clipping Services in Selby

Is your dog starting to look a little overgrown? If so, they may be in need of some expert clipping, from a team with professional grooming qualifications who know how to keep your dog comfortable while trimming down some of that hair! Clipping is important if you want your dog to look like others of the same breed, as we can trim their hair in a pattern which matches up to standard conventions. Of course, even if you want your dog to stand out a little, clipping will still be essential for getting the look that you want.

Our professional dog clipping services aren’t just about appearance, though, as clipping a dog’s hair is also an important part of maintaining good hygiene and helping them to stay comfortable all year around. Knowing about the different needs of a dog as the seasons change, or depending on their breed type or health conditions, is an important part of our job – so we’ll be able to discuss your pet’s needs with you, and even give advice once we have worked with them.

Health and Hygiene

As we mentioned above, clipping is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy. As their fur grows longer, it will pick up more and more dirt and other debris, which can lead to infections as well as pests like fleas.

This can make your dog irritable and uncomfortable, while also leading to more serious health issues and complications.

Choosing a professional clipping service can also be beneficial since it will limit the potential for damage caused by over-clipping the hair.

Cutting a dog’s fur too short will expose the skin, and leave them vulnerable to burns, making it risky – especially if you’re going for a full haircut and not a small trim.

Essentials of Dog Clipping

When you take your dog to a professional to be clipped, you should expect a great service and excellent final results. We’ve put together a quick list of some of the essentials that any good dog clipping service should be aware of:

  • Different dogs will require different tools in order to do a good job. Scissors can be used to trim awkward areas, while dogs with a non-shedding coat may require hand stripping rather than conventional clipping.
  • Anybody who works on your dog should know the style that is typical for their breed – however they should also talk to you to get a clear sense of how you want your pet to look!
  • Safety first: clippers can heat up and become uncomfortable or damaging; a professional clipping service should always be using plastic guards to protect your dog.
  • The right technique is also important – hair should be clipped along the grain, never against it.

Other Services

For dogs that won’t benefit from our clipping services, we can also offer hand stripping, allowing us to work in the way which most benefits your particular breed.

Similarly, if all your pet needs is a small tidy up, this is a service that we’ll be more than happy to provide!

We also offer a wide range of other services for dogs in Selby, including boarding in our luxurious kennels, bathing and nail clipping.

Our flexible approach means that you are more than welcome to choose the services you need – whether you’d like us to clip your dog’s hair while they’re staying with us, or simply bring them in for a one off visit.

Find Out More About Our Dog Grooming Services in Selby

Got a few questions for our helpful team? If so, we’d love to hear from you – so why not give us a call at on 01977 683195, or get in touch online? We can chat to you about the needs of your dogs, tell you more about the services that we offer, or book your dog in for an appointment or overnight stay – it’s entirely up to you!