Dog Bathing in Selby

While you can certainly give your dog a good bath at home, choosing Fairview Kennels’ professional bathing services lets you give them a real treat, without even getting your hands dirty! With grooming qualifications to reassure you that we know what we’re doing, you can take some time to yourself while we pamper and clean your pet, returning them to you as good as new.

Deciding how often your dog needs a full bath can be tricky, as it really depends on the breed as well as other factors such as the dog’s skin, and how active they are in the outdoors. It is recommended that every three months should be the minimum, however a dog that enjoys getting muddy may need more than that! Generally, a monthly bath with full shampooing can be a good ball park figure; if you want to bathe your dog more frequently, opt for milder dog-friendly shampoos throughout the month.

Once we’ve had a proper look at your dog, we’ll be able to make some recommendations based on our expertise, and our 30 years of experience. We can also discuss any particular needs, such as sensitive skin, behavioural concerns, and the correct products to use (for instance, never use human shampoo, as it will cause discomfort and irritation!).

Bathing Checklist

So what does it take to give a dog a great bath? Well, as we say, every dog is different, but here are a few general guidelines:

  • Find a way to protect your dog’s face and ears.
  • Start by running a moderate amount of warm water (check the temperature before you start) over the dog, dampening their coat.
  • Shampoo from the head down, avoiding face and ears.
  • Use more warm water to lather the shampoo and spread it evenly across your pet.
  • Again, work downwards to ensure the best coverage.
  • Finally, rinse your pup with warm water – and let them have a good shake to dry off!

Of course, with your dog wriggling and a number of different products to juggle, this can all be a lot more complicated than it sounds – and that’s where we come in.

Combine with Other Services

Alongside our professional dog bathing service in Selby, we also offer a range of other grooming options. These include clipping, nail clipping, checking the dog’s ears, hand stripping and general tidying. You can choose whichever options will be most beneficial for your pet, or take advantage of the full package.

As boarding kennels, we can also take your dog in for an overnight stay, so if you’ve got a holiday coming up then why not let your pet visit us for a short break of their own? While they’re here, they can still benefit from our bathing services – so we’ll return them to you clean and tidy.

Combining combing and clipping with a full bath is a great way to get your dog’s coat gleaming again, to ensure that dirty or matted hair isn’t bothering them, and to help them stay healthy and hygienic.

A Treat for Your Dog

We aim to bring an element of luxury into our dog bathing service, ensuring that every animal we work with doesn’t just get clean, but also has a great time.

This means helping them to relax before the bath starts – especially with dogs that aren’t so keen on water – and maintaining a gentle approach at all times.

You may be lucky enough to have a dog that simply loves being bathed, however even for those who are a little more apprehensive, there are ways to make bath time a treat.

From taking a walk first to help calm them down, to taking our time and monitoring their reactions at all times, bath time can become fun instead of frightening.

Contact Fairview Kennels to Hear More About Our Dog Bathing Services

We always love talking to other dog lovers, so if your pet is long overdue a bath, why not get in touch? Whether you just want to bring them in for a quick bath, or you want to take advantage of our full range of services, it would be great to hear from you! Call us on 01977 683195, or get in touch online today.